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We're Back & Turbo Tuesdays

Hey everyone, it's been a long ~3 weeks for us at Project M while our site has been under attack by a DDoS. With the help of Smashboards we've mitigated the attacks and we're back online, hopefully to stay.

While we were down, we announced Turbo Tuesdays, a series of videos uploaded to our YouTube channel each week demonstrating the possibilities of Turbo Mode. We announced Turbo Mode back in April, but unfortunately weren't able to include it in Demo 2.6. Turbo Mode WILL be in our next release, however, so we hope these videos can satiate your desire for Turbo in the meantime!

Last week's Turbo Tuesday is here, and features Sonic the Hedgehog:

We won't be filling up our newsfeed here each week with these, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the Turbo Tuesday video each week!

We've been hard at work while the site was down and have lots of awesome stuff to show you. Look forward to a major announcement in the next few days. If you look around hard enough, maybe you'll be able to find a hint...