Current Public Version: 3.6
Current Developer Version:

Link 2.6 Developer Insight + PM on Show Me Your News 7/16!

Hello everybody, this is Hylian and Shadic - two of the Project M Backroom Members who have worked on the newest iteration of Link. Today, we’re going to highlight a few of his changes and reflect on how they will both strengthen him as a character and solidify his character design.

Link is a character that has seen some representation in tournaments so far, but hasn’t been nearly as appealing as he could be. In Demo 2.6, Link has seen numerous changes to improve and clarify his somewhat murky design in previous releases.

Link’s boomerang has been a controversial part of his character design through Project M’s existence. In 2.6 we’ve overhauled it to better fit his playstyle and solidify him as a versatile mid-range fighter. Link’s boomerang is no longer used to pester foes at a distance, but is used to begin and extend combos at close-mid range.

The boomerang’s range is noticeably shorter than it was in the past, but is substantially quicker to throw. To further help this shift, Link only stops to catch the boomerang if he is in his idle animation, so it will no longer impede Link upon return.

You’ll find some interesting applications with these changes, such as using the new boomerang to link strings that could not previously be connected with boomerang’s speed, or batting away a quick aerial approach. Link’s boomerang is much more dynamic in its uses and we are excited for you to try it out!

The boomerang wasn’t the only change that Link has had, however. Link has historically had trouble dealing with fast characters that excel at pressure, to help alleviate this issue we’ve improved his mobility on the ground as well as improving some of his attacks such as down-tilt. These changes help his versatility at mid-range as well keeping in line with our other changes.

On top of his design improvements, Link was given a general coat of polish. We’ve given him some new animations, and taken a look at all of his moves hitboxes and cleaned them up. When you see something connect you can now be sure that it will hit. His throws have all been slightly tweaked as well, so a Link player should hopefully have more reasons to use a throw other than his Down-Throw, with the occasional Up-Throw. Link's Clawshot has seen some improvements as well - It's well worth using as a mid-range mix-up.

While Link hasn’t been fully “revamped” by any means, we believe these targeted changes will greatly improve his game. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the newest version of Link as much as we have!

Also, Shadic and Yeroc will be guest stars on Show Me Your News tomorrow! Check here for more information!