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Project M Demo 2.1 Patch Release!

Hello everyone! It's been a long six weeks for the Project M Back Room after the very successful release of Project M Demo v2, which received over 42 thousand downloads. We hope you've all been enjoying it! However, the release of Demo v2 wasn't completely perfect (as evidenced by the delay). As the weeks have gone on, you guys reported various issues that we hadn't encountered before releasing the demo into your hands. Most of these issues were unintended bugs, from R.O.B's Final Smash freezing the game to simpler things like always getting Mario on Random.

Well, the PMBR is pleased to announce the release of Project M Demo v2.1! 2.1 brings tons of fixes to the bugs you reported. Keep in mind, not everything was fixed but most of the gameplay-affecting bugs were fixed (such as freezes). We tried our very best to address as many issues as were known since v2.0. We encourage everyone who downloaded Project M Demo v2 to download the update on our Downloads page and spread the word to everyone you know who downloaded Demo v2, especially anyone planning to have tournaments this weekend.