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Project M Blog Post #8

Howdy everyone,

Today's announcement is a second overhaul to the ledge system, courtesy of the PMBR's main coder, Magus.

It is something that has plagued Brawl players ever since 2008, and will make the ledge-game more interesting for several characters.

Oh no! Ivysaur is done for!

Oh, I guess Ivysaur is safe then. The Project M team really thinks of everything, don't they?

Tether Ledge Occupancy - In Brawl, characters who were grabbing a ledge prevented tethering opponents from recovering. This resulted in many easy gimps against characters who were stuck with tether-dependent recoveries.

What we've done changes the off-stage game for these characters dramatically - tethers will grab the ledge regardless of whether or not a character is currently hanging on to it! This property also works in reverse, so tether characters cannot "tetherhog" another player just by hanging by their tether. This is a major change in the gameplay for tether recoveries, one that should come as a breath of fresh air to many players.

What happens if the tether character pulls towards the ledge while the other character is still on the ledge? Instead of pulling up onto the ledge, they'll do a ledgejump instead!

Of course, since tethers don't occupy the ledge anymore, expect some very silly shenanigans: