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Project M 3.0 Trailer Released!

Hello all, we noticed it had been at least two weeks since we've announced or said anything. Well, now we'd like to break that silence with something special.

Yes, that's right! Project M 3.0 will debut on December 9, 2013 with 41 characters including Ice Climbers, Kirby, Mewtwo, Olimar, Roy, Samus, and Yoshi -- making it the largest roster the Smash Bros. series has seen to date.

Project M 3.0 is also chock full of other surprises, some of which we've already announced. Turbo Mode, Alternate Costumes, Gameplay Improvements, and more! There's still much to discover on release day and we can't wait to unleash it to everyone on Dec. 9, 2013.

With Project M 3.0's release around the corner, what are you most looking forward to doing on release day? Sound off on Twitter/Facebook to let us know!

Do you have a question for us about anything and everything related to Project M 3.0? Well, we're holding an AMA on Reddit! Come on over to the subreddit r/smashbros and post your question. We'll answer it in full as best as we can.