Current Public Version: 3.6
Current Developer Version:

3.01 Patch and Launcher

Welcome to Project M 3.01!

With this latest bug fix patch, we've created a new method to install and run Project M on your Wii! Introducing the Project M Launcher version 1.0.

This new Launcher makes both Riivolution and Gecko Launchers obsolete for running Project M 3.01. Some key new features include:

  • Support for SDHC cards larger than 2GB. For the hackless method, you will still need a 2GB (or lower) SD card to boot the Launcher from Brawl. There is an alternate method for booting the Launcher from the Wii menu using a hack called LetterBomb, but that will be explained elsewhere.

  • A news ticker will display current news for Project M which will update if your Wii is connected to the internet.

  • The ability to update and patch both the Launcher and your version of Project M. If you have 3.0 installed on your SD card, the Launcher can automatically download and update you to version 3.01.

  • Extremely fast and reliable file loading.

  • Coming soon: The ability to change from a Full codeset to a Wifi codeset in the Launcher.

Let's get started. If you've downloaded our standard zip of 3.01, you're ready to go. Make sure you back up any important files you might have on your SD card before continuing. Install Project M by extracting the entirety of the zip on to the root of your SD card. Which ever method you choose, boot up the Launcher the standard way from either the Homebrew channel or the Stage Builder method. If you have any trouble getting to this step, this guide will help troubleshoot your problem. Once you open the new Launcher, you can check your version by selecting the About option. If it says 3.01, you're all set. Select Play to start smashing!

Advanced Users

If you are an advanced user with Project M 3.0 already installed on your SD card, we've included an optional streamlined method for installation. Since this Launcher can patch files, you can download a much smaller version of 3.01 to install on your SD card, saving a lot of time (estimate install time is roughly less than 10 minutes). The patch file for 3.01 is 38.4MB, compared to the full packaged zip of 343.27MB.

Note: It's important that you have an unmodified version of 3.0. This won't work if you've changed any files.

Start by downloading the Launcher from our download page. Once you place the Launcher files on your 3.0 SD card, boot it up and select the Update option. You'll see this.

Select Yes to start the update process. This will download, patch, and verify all the files for 3.01. This process takes roughly 5-7 minutes.

The update process will also check for new versions of the Launcher. After it completes, Project M 3.01 will be installed on your SD card.

Enjoy Project M 3.01!