Current Public Version: 3.6
Current Developer Version:

New Features in Demo 2.5: Character recolors and Stage Updates!

When designing team recolors, we quickly realized that many alternate costumes in Project M were redundant, bland, and could be easily improved upon. So, the art team set out to redesign many costumes to splash a bit of flavor onto the overall presentation of the upcoming release of Project M Demo 2.5. To add to that, our art team has taken the time to refine and solidify many of the stages present in Demo 2.1. As you can see above, Norfair has been completely redesigned with tournament play in mind.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the new recolors and stage tweaks you can expect to see in the upcoming release:

To start, Squirtle has received a makeover to his costumes inspired by other Pokémon such as Charmander, Turtwig, Mew as well as Koopa Troopa, a very iconic turtle in video games. You may notice that most of the Pokemon these colors are based off of all share the common theme of being reptiles, making them largely appropriate, with the exception of Mew. The stage seen here is Pokémon Stadium 2, but re-textured with a new deep blue with a Master Ball in the center to differentiate its appearance from Pokémon Stadium 1.

Up next, we have Ivysaur and all of her recolors based on the seasons of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. These Ivysaur recolors are sitting upon an updated version of Yoshi's Story, which now uses a newly imported model from Melee. Furthermore, the timing of the floating cloud (Randall, as we all know him) now matches that of Melee. Hopefully any Melee veterans who play this stage will feel more at home in Project M 2.5! Check it out!:

Charizard also boasts some impressive new colors to capture his beastly nature. Inspired by other Pokémon such as Aerodactyl, Tyranitar, Zubat, and Shiny Charizard, these colors are sure to show any other gargantuan that Charizard is the beast to beat! Similarly to Yoshi's Story, Fourside now uses a completely imported model straight from Melee. While this stage isn't particularly used in any standard tournaments, we thought it was appropriate to do the stage justice for any casual players. Just look at the difference!:

Snake and Marth have also received attention due to some issues with team colors. Snake's blue team color wasn't very blue at all, so we fitted him with some new blue threads to help him represent his team a little better. Marth now has his blue team set to his default color, making his light blue color largely redundant. As a result, Marth now sports a new royal purple recolor inspired by Pent from the Fire Emblem franchise. Speaking of which, Castle Siege now skips the second "walk-off" transition, making the stage much more viable for tournament-play.

Final Destination is a very iconic stage for the Smash Bros franchise, and has evolved over the different iterations of Smash. Project M is no exception, as it now uses a new beautifully made background courtesy of Mewtwo2000. Similarly to some other stages shown already, Final Destination uses its imported Melee model rather than the vertexed model it was using before. Last but not least, Wolf's red and green costumes have now been redone to better represent those colors. Wolf's white color has been retouched and is now white and gold, rather than white and red. The improvement to Final Destination is astounding:

We hope you enjoy the aesthetic polishes we have made for Demo 2.5, as you'll realize that they do a great deal in helping the game feel much more refined. This will be the last update before the long anticipated release of Demo 2.5 to the public tomorrow. We are just as excited as you are for release, and we hope you enjoy it!