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Invitational Project M event at APEX 2013

Hello everyone,
As most of you know, the Smash tournament, APEX 2013, is fast approaching. Check out their website for more details. Each Smash game, even Smash 64, has their place in this tournament of tournaments, and people from all over the world are traveling there to compete to be the best. But where does Project M fit in among all of this? Unfortunately, a full-blown open-entry tournament simply isn't possible for us, but we've got something that is possibly even better.

APEX 2013

Invitational Project M Tournament

APEX 2013 will be featuring a special invite-only, 16-Man Double-Elimination Bracket for Project M Demo 2.5. With this format, we'll be able to see the world's top players put their skills to the test against each other in the new demo version, set to release on December 28th of this year. We will not be able to livestream it, but we will record every single match to make sure none of this extremely high level play is missed by you guys!

But that's not all. To give these special players incentive to try their hardest, a few unique prizes are available for the finalists to play for! A free APEX OCRemix album for first place and three Plaques first 1st thru 3rd place are up for grabs here!

Invites will be sent out within the next couple days. We should have the finalized roster of 16 players within two weeks!