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Project M 3.6 Announced!

Project M 3.6 was just announced at Aftershock! Watch the trailer below.

-- PMDev Team

Project M, PAL and NTSC-J

Hello guys, it's the PMDev Team. You haven't heard much from us in the last few months beyond member AMAs on Reddit, however, it doesn't mean that we’re not working hard on the game as always.

If you recall, as a part of the version 3.5 announcement, we announced that the highly anticipated port for PAL Wiis / Wii Us would arrive shortly after the release of 3.5.

PAL announcement in the 3.5 trailer.

Now, more than four months after the release of 3.5, we can say that "shortly" is definitely not a word that we would use to describe the time that has passed. We are aware that there are many fans that have been waiting patiently to be able to play Project M in PAL territories without resorting to NTSC-U hardware. Out of respect to all of you, our dedicated fans, this blogpost intends to give an insight into how the development of the port is going.

First, we have to explain how the process works and differences between the NTSC and PAL versions.

NTSC-U, NTSC-J, and PAL all have differences in how the codes work and what addresses they use in the console's memory. PAL is the most different between them. NTSC-U and J each have only one language option, English and Japanese. PAL has many different languages available, which increases the number of text graphics, text files, and sound banks for certain characters and other voices, like the playable characters, Poké Ball Pokémon, and the announcer.

Beyond that, we face the problem that the majority of the PMDev Team members live in the NTSC-U territory. That said, they face the opposite issue as most of you. Because they have NTSC-U hardware, they are unable to boot the PAL version of the game to test the codes and/or changes to the game's files. This limits testing just to the people who are able to do so, thus tasking them with double the effort due to having to test any changes on NTSC as well. This severely slows down the process of debugging the port. It is safe to say that we have underestimated the resources needed to help with the PAL porting, such as the number of available playtesters.

The confidence of having PAL done not too long after 3.5 was released originated from having a skilled member joining specifically to work on the port. Unfortunately, life outside of Project M took a toll on him and he wasn't able to make as much progress as he expected or wanted. Our coders, standardtoaster and wiiztec, continued to work on the port and achieved a great deal of progress. However, they are unable to test the port extensively and, as such, progress stagnated.

One of our best coders, and our porter for the NTSC-J version, also became way too busy to continue working on the Japanese port. He was also assisting greatly with the PAL port.

Now that all of this has been said, we have both good and bad news regarding these region ports.

It is impossible for any of us to continue porting the game to NTSC-J without a skilled coder that knows the Japanese language. So, for now, no further versions of Project M will be ported to NTSC-J until we have the people necessary to do so.

For PAL, we have to declare that the port is not completed. Our coder, wiiztec, however, reported that it is not far from completion, although he is not completely aware of what kinds of hurdles the still non-ported files will bring to the table.

Now that we have detailed the issues we have encountered regarding these region ports, we ask for your understanding. As you already know, the PMDev Team is a group of volunteers, and we are a non-profit team. All of the work we do depends greatly on the free time available to our team members. That said, when important life issues come up, we have no choice but to accept them and take care of our lives first. We hope you all understand.

Whether the PAL port will be done shortly or not is something we are unable to ascertain to you with the clarity you deserve. We can only hope that this message will bring to us the people that can help us port the game faster and more efficiently.

- The PMDev Team.​

Project M 3.5 Released!

Greetings smashers, the next major iteration of Project M has arrived!

This release features more than fifty new costumes, with either a new model or recolor for almost the entire cast. Discover which new style suits you! Additionally, several older stages have been lovingly re-imagined. These updates are more than simple detail bumps. Our artists have flexed their creative muscles to update these stages to a more modern aesthetic while lacing them with rich canonical details. What can you find hidden in each locale?

The new Debug Mode, built from the ground up for Project M, allows you to examine the inner workings of Smash frame by frame. Take a look at a move's hitbox priority, check out which combos are air-tight, test out an attack's block disadvantage, and more! With proper study, Debug Mode has the potential to catalyze rapid metagame development and condense years of advancement into months.

After analyzing tournament sets, listening to community members, and reviewing the cast in Debug Mode we've gone through each character and trimmed the fat. Recoveries have been pared back, burst mobility options reigned in, and attack safety reweighed -- sometimes dramatically, but often subtly. These character design tweaks are matched by a small slew of mechanical optimizations. The end result is a tighter game that's more fun and more fair for everyone playing.

With the new All-Star Versus mode you can select a different character for each stock in a match, and new Stamina Stock modes allow you to choose "world wrap" options instead of using blast zones. Combine All-Star Versus, Stamina Stock, and Turbo Mode for some truly marvelous gameplay!

Finally, we wanted to talk about the timing of this release. PM v3.5 was originally targeted for two months ago, and although the major work was completed on time the final tuning has since taken us up to the last few days to finish. We’re sorry we couldn’t get this to you sooner; regrettably such is the nature of deadlines in a volunteer project.

We should clarify, though, that this final release date was set weeks before the announcement that Project M would be absent from the Apex 2015 lineup and the announcement’s subsequent backlash. We had initially even hoped to have it finished in time for The Big House 4 in early October. Some community members mistook the snappy turnaround from the Apex announcement to the v3.5 trailer to today’s release to be a sign that we were rushing out a release before we could get shut down: this is unfounded, we were merely doing our best to stick to our already delayed timeline.

With Project M v3.5 now released be sure to also keep an eye out for Smash Bros. for Wii U launching next Friday. After this flood of development work we’re excited to be able to not only share v3.5 with you, but take a break and join the rest of you in exploring a whole new smash environment together. With several new smash titles just released and an incoming surge of new players, it’s a great time to be a part of the smash community. Please help us to lead the community through this period of expansion by promoting shared values of respect, inclusion, and dedication to the scene. Thank you for your support!

Take care,
The Project M Development Team