Current Public Version: 3.02
Current Developer Version: 15000

Official Turbo Mode Contest

Hey everyone, we know that we've been playing with Turbo Mode for a long time; from April Fools 2013 to our very own Turbo Tuesday Series, but now we want to see what you've been doing in Turbo, and what's a better way to find out than with a Contest! Announcing the Official Turbo Mode Contest, you will finally have the chance to show everyone exactly how crazy your combos can be!

Here's how it works, follow the rules at the end of this post and submit the replay file to [email protected] Be sure to format your subject line like this: [Contest Submission] - "Your Smash Tag Here" otherwise we'll lose it in the process of going through all of the submissions.

Once we have all the submissions, the team behind the original Turbo Series run will go through all the video to find the best of the best. We'll be releasing a video showing off all the awesome submissions we got, including our top 5 favorites at the end! The winner of the contest will receive a special prize,That in mind, the deadline is 11:59pm PST July 29th, so get shooting!

- You may use any character and any number of players
- Combos may be performed on CPUs, opposing players, or idle opponents (but no giga bowser)
- Replays must be saved either using the wifi codeset or by disabling analog triggers on all controllers (hold R and L while plugging in the controller)
- Items/Final smashes are optional
- No modified damage ratio or handicap
- No TAS (we can tell from the replay)
- Must be in 3.02 using any default stage/texture
- Test the replay before submitting it to make sure it doesn't desynch
- Replay must be under a minute long (this is to save us time & lower the chance of a desynch)

Remember to submit your replay file as an attachment (or just a link to somewhere that the replay is hosted) and send it to [email protected] with the subject line formatted as: [Contest Submission] - "Your Smash Tag Here" before July 30th!

So bust out some tricky combos and best of luck in the contest!
-Project M Turbo Team

New Alternate Costumes

My name is Nanobuds, and I am one of the modelers for Project M. I help rig the models to their base skeletons, and import them into the game. I am also the one who has been putting together the Samus costumes for the next release.

After 3.0 was released, we listened to the public reactions and decided which characters were the most in-need for costumes. We then started working on costumes for the most popular suggestions we have seen. Samus was of course one of those characters in dire need for costumes. After much discussion, we decided that we would only give her 3 different costumes for the next release. Making more than that would take more attention away from other characters that need costumes. Zero Suit Samus will, of course, get corresponding costumes.

One of her costumes we decided on was the Light Suit. It is one of the more unique looking suits that she has, and we thought it fit in very well with the game. However, we had to make some modifications to the design in order for it to work with Project M.

Many of you who know the Metroid series will notice that the costume isn't as slim as the original design. We had to "buff" up the suit a bit, making the shoulder pads larger and the legs a bit thicker. This is to match the hitboxes and hurtboxes of the Brawl Samus model. As mentioned in the previous blog post explaining alternate costumes, we have to ensure that the costumes do not affect competitive play in any way. However, we were able to change the arm canon appearance to have the Metroid Prime design, as well as give it custom animations for her Final Smash and her beam-change taunt.

Our lead modeler for the Marth costume was Pik. We decided from the beginning that we are going to keep each costume the "same" character. Since the Fire Emblem series contains many memorable characters, we wanted to represent some of them in Project M. The art team talked, and decided to use Marth's alternate costume to represent a well known character from the series. We debated using his Awakening design at first, but in the end decided to go with Sigurd's armor.

Pik took inspiration from 18th century clothing, and used it in his design for the model. After many hours sketching and designing with Jiang, another member of the art team, Pik was able to come up with the final design for the costume.

Pik, along with FireBall Stars, also helped design the Classic Pit costume. We wanted to add a fun, goofy costume based on his NES appearance. We thought Project M's audience was in the older range, so we chose a nostalgic Kid Icarus costume. His classic design was used and transformed into a more modern appearance. It is like a "Toon Pit" in a way.

For Lucario's costume, we decided to give him a fighting Gi in the spirit of his new fighting style. Spex130 was the designer of the costume. At first we decided to use a classic Gi robe, but it seemed a bit plain to us. Spex experimented with many different color schemes for the Gi, but nothing really "popped" for us. Then he came up with the idea to use "hold items" found in the Pokemon games. The main costume uses the "Focus Band" and "Expert's Belt", with a fighter/steel type symbol on the back.

After adding the items to the costume, we finalized the colors, and even created an extra single recolor to use.

Finally, we have the Ocarina of Time Ganondorf. He was by far our most wanted alternate costume from the community. Pik decided to take inspiration from Ganondorf's Melee design, as well as his Ocarina of Time design, and put them into one model. He, just like Link, was also given other model and texture edits for a more modern look.

These five costumes aren't the only ones we have been working on. We'll have plenty more costumes ready for the next release of Project M, as well as other small tweaks to costumes that were previously in 3.0. We just wanted to give you all a little preview of what's to come in that department -- look forward to more in the future!

Presenting the Streams Page

Rise and shine PM players! The sun is rising...somewhere... and we've recently made an update to the website to include a brand new page! You can now find a handy list of all the current Project M streams on Twitch simply by visiting the Streams tab. Quickly check at a glance who's live, and how many people are checking them out, then mouse over for more information. Wanna get your stream listed? Simply list your game as Project M on Twitch and go live!

Another thing we've updated is our email! You can now reach us by emailing [email protected]. Don't worry though, the old email (and the older email, for those have been around for some time) still work fine, but this one should be even easier to remember.

It's the little things like this that show we care... We think... Let us know if it does, or share any other suggestions you have either by tweeting @ProjectMGame or emailing us at the address above. Tell us what we can do outside the game to make your Project M experience even better!