Presenting the Streams Page

Rise and shine PM players! The sun is rising...somewhere... and we've recently made an update to the website to include a brand new page! You can now find a handy list of all the current Project M streams on Twitch simply by visiting the Streams tab. Quickly check at a glance who's live, and how many people are checking them out, then mouse over for more information. Wanna get your stream listed? Simply list your game as Project M on Twitch and go live!

Another thing we've updated is our email! You can now reach us by emailing [email protected]. Don't worry though, the old email (and the older email, for those have been around for some time) still work fine, but this one should be even easier to remember.

It's the little things like this that show we care... We think... Let us know if it does, or share any other suggestions you have either by tweeting @ProjectMGame or emailing us at the address above. Tell us what we can do outside the game to make your Project M experience even better!


Smashboards Interview with TheReflexWonder

Smashboards writer 'The Derrit' recently spoke to PMBR member TheReflexWonder about his involvement with Project M, insight on the characters he plays and more.

The Derrit: How did you originally get involved with the Project M Back Room?

TheReflexWonder: I was let into the Back Room at the end of the summer of 2012. I had been playing PM 2.0 since its inception that April and took a strong interest in some of the design choices made. I tried to learn a lot more as a player and was a positive force in what was still a niche, budding player base. I made videos on new tech I found and generally tried to show people the intricacies of what the engine allowed. One of the lead designers saw my efforts and recommended that I go through the application process to see if I had something that the Back Room really wanted. I wrote up a lengthy text on potential Squirtle changes, and I like to think that my long-standing Smash background and passion for the series made me a prime pick. I've been involved ever since and am really glad to be a part of the team.

Read the rest on Smashboards

Project M Turbo Tuesdays Anniversary Edition: Samus

Hey everyone, we've been paying attention to our fanbase and there's something we've been a bit sad about; the lack of Turbo Tuesdays. Well, today is the 1 year anniversary of Turbo Mode's announcement, so we've got a very special Turbo Tuesdays for you all: Samus! Along with Kirby, Samus was one of the long-awaited veterans who finally made a return in 3.0, and we feel she deserves her own spotlight in the Turbo Tuesdays series. Without further delay, here's the video!

We hope you enjoy this special edition of Turbo Tuesdays. Of course, the next version of Project M is still being worked on meticulously by our team, but it's quite a ways off yet and encourage you all to continue playing Project M 3.02 as-is for now. When we have news, you'll be the first to know!