Current Public Version: 3.6 Beta
Current Developer Version:

Official Toon Link Bug Fix for Project M 3.6 Beta

Hello again Smashers,

We hope you've been enjoying the Beta for our latest release of Project M as we've put a lot of work into it! Thanks to our community's efforts, we've had an easier time hunting down bugs in this latest version. As we continue to iron out all the kinks in 3.6, we've noticed a pretty critical bug with Toon Link we can no longer ignore.

Toon Link's new taunt in Project M 3.6 Beta

You may have noticed that Toon Link has a new taunt based off Tingle's famous "kooloo limpah". By tapping up taunt, Toon Link will do a special dance and receive the legendary Hero's Charm as an easter egg. Unfortunately there was a severe unintended result of this new addition. Due to an error accidentally coded into his forward smash, crouching before doing a forward smash can accidentally activate the taunt. This was an oversight we were not able to catch in time and is an example of our reasoning behind releasing 3.6 initially as a Beta.

As time goes on however, this bug affects the character's use in competition in a devastating way. While we are not currently prepared to release the full version of Project M 3.6, we thought it would be best to share this critical bug fix with the general public. If you are enjoying 3.6 Beta so far, we encourage you to download the following zip file and extract the contents to the root of your SD card.

Click here to download the Toon Link Bug Fix for Project M 3.6 Beta.

Note: For Mac users, the file might not extract to the right directory. This fix only contains one file however, so make sure the file "FitToonLink.pac" gets overwritten in the folder "SD:/projectm/pf/fighter/toonlink/"

This zip file will resolve the issue with Toon Link while we continue to polish 3.6 in order to deliver the best possible game. While we're at it, we also updated the Project M 3.6 Beta on our downloads page to have this change. If you happen to stumble across any more bugs in the meantime, please continue to report them to our Bug Report Forum on Smashboards. Thank you for your continued support with Project M!

-The PMDev Team.

Project M 3.6 Beta Released!

Hello Smashers,

PMDev again, and this time we will be talking about the version we have just released and this time we’re bringing up why we chose to label this release as a beta. You heard right. Beta or not, 3.6 is here!

If you are familiar with our release structure in the past, we have always released our versions as final. However, sometimes bugs are discovered by the much larger base of playtesters that is you, the public. Upon fixing said bugs, we traditionally release a new patched version sometime after (2.5 and 2.5b by our older naming conventions or 3.0, 3.01 and 3.02). Knowing our limitations and understanding how important your role as players are, we have named this release the 3.6 Open Beta. Only after we are confident that it is completely ready, a final update will be released simply labeled 3.6.

While we have performed months of extensive testing and bug fixing, we know there is always the chance bugs slip through the cracks that our small number of voluntary playtesters may have missed. As the name implies, there are no restrictions to play the open beta. When you are ready (and we know you are) head over to our download page here! If you desire to assist the team with bug fixing for 3.6, please report any bugs you may find in the Bug Reporting forum on Smashboards.

With the 3.6 beta comes a plethora of new features! Bowser's Castle is finally making its grand debut, but beware the thwomps! Beautiful remakes of classics like Peach's Castle and Saffron City make their way to the stage selection screen. Speaking of the stage selection screen, the new alternate stage loader brings back all the Brawl stages and allows for the highest number of playable stages ever in Project M. Several new costumes will be available to players, from Kart ROB to Dark Suit Samus. The audio team really put their creative caps on and produced some brand new music, sound effects, and a new announcer to enjoy whilst beating each other to a pulp. New aesthetics aplenty are coming with 3.6. Characters like Mewtwo and Pit have never looked so refined. In fact, the entire cast got a beauty boost! Along with 3.6 comes the most balanced cast Project M has ever had. Cast balancing was a major point of emphasis for us, and it certainly shows in 3.6. New modes have been added as well, as seen in the video. The new option, Auto-L cancel, is here! Finally, just as Bowser may take on an evolution to become Giga-Bowser, the wafty-man Wario dons his own super-suit to become Wario-Man! With some barbaric speed and combo potential he will surely liven (and stink up) any play session! For a list of all of the changes made, please see the change notes right here!

As mentioned in our previous blog post, Development Team applications will be opening back up! However, the application process will be undergoing some changes. More details will be provided at a later date. To clarify, applications aren't open quite yet, but ideally will be soon. We are very eager to see what kinds of talented individuals wish to join the team as we press on into Project M's bright future.

Thank you for your patience, your support, and your drive to play Project M. There is nothing more motivating than seeing fans share the same passion we do.

-- The PMDev team

Project M 3.6 Changelist

Hello and welcome to the Project M 3.6 changelist! This is an extensive (but potentially not complete) log documenting the changes between Project M 3.5 and Project M 3.6. As usual, we prioritized getting the changelist out right when the version released, so in some cases it may not be 100% correct or formatted nicely. Please understand that these changelogs were compiled by different people, and as such they may be worded differently.

With that out of the way, we're going to be using some technical terms that the community at large may not understand. To help with this changelog's effectiveness, we'll be defining these terms below.

DMG = Damage.
KB = Knockback
KBG = Knockback Growth. This value determines how quickly a hitbox's KB scales with the opponents percent. Damage is also a major factor in determining scaling.
BKB = Base Knockback. This amount of KB is added to the end result of the knockback formula and is most noticeable a low percents.
WDSK = Weight Dependent Set Knockback. As the name impies, this is a type of KB that is set and does not scale with percent, and instead has a set amount that varies only based on the opponents weight. KBG in this instance is used as a multiplier, but is usually set at 100.
IASA = Interruptible As Soon As. This is a long-standing term in competitive Smash that refers to the first frame that a character can interrupt an attack, often before the full animation has completed visually. Generally this will be used to describe endlag increases and decreases.
Hitlag = The amount of freeze frames a character goes into when hit by a hitbox. This term will usually be used to describe a multiplier that increases or decreases the amount of hitlag that a hitbox would normally induce.
SDI = Smash DI, the ability for a player to move around while in Hitlag based on control stick input. This term will usually be used to describe a multiplier that increases or decreases the effectiveness of SDIing an attack.
Angle/Trajectory = This describes the angle at which an opponent is sent flying after being hit by a hitbox. 90 is straight up, while 0 is a purely horizontal trajectory.
361 angle = This angle is used throughout the game as a dynamic replacement to what would otherwise be 45, the go-to "horizontal attack" angle. This angle starts off sending further horizontally than 45 at lower KBs, but quickly scales up to 45 in-game. For all intents and purposes you can imagine the trajectory as simply being 45.

Now that we've explained those terms, here's the changelog!

Costumes & Aesthetics
New Costumes
-Added Kart ROB alternate costume
-Added Wii ROB alternate costume.
-Dark Suit Samus added
-Added Orange Diddy Kong recolor
-Added Dark Classic Pit recolor
-Added Silver Armored Charizard recolor
-Added Mr. L recolors.
-Replaced White DK with Super Kong (White DK, blue tie).

Updated Aesthetics and Fixes
-Updated stock icons for Virtual Boy ROB, Ness, OoT Shiek, Squirtle, Olimar, Charizard, and Ike
-Updated Butterfly Meta Knight model and texture
-Updated the Retro Suit Samus with a new model and textures
-Fusion and White ZSS updated with better textures
-Improved texture quality of blue team Samus
-Justin Bailey eyelash transparency fixed
-Fixed Outset Toon Link sword trail
-Updated Samus and Charizard alt CSPs
-Doctor Mario size fixed
-Eye glitches fixed in Kirby alts
-Updated texture on Kirby Wario hat
-Fixed and cleaned up Big Boss Snake's model
-Outset Toon Link UV fixes on boots
-Holy War Marth hair fixes and added sheathe
-Pikachu Party Hat updated with new shader and texture
-Fusion Suit Samus updated texture and spec map
-Glowing light and visor effects for vBrawl Samus costumes
-Ness alt Final Smash eye fixes
-Dry Bowser's eyes have been fixed, and now the cracks in his shell glow.
-Added Melee Sword to OoT Ganon taunt
-Glowing effects to the Fusion Suit's visor
-Added "0 to Death Mode", a special mode where character's damage resets after avoiding hits for a certain amount of time.
-Shield dropping from a platform now includes more lenient angles to match Melee.
-While dropping through a platform, your character will not automatically fast fall if the c-stick is held.
-Fixed "Grab Twitching Infinites" where a character could get stuck in a grab if caught on a slope.
-Alloys can now grab ledges (and shield and dodge).
-Added 20 frame fail windows to footstooling and meteor cancelling.
-Reordered the Stage Select Screen
-Sleep Timers
--Sleep Start: 1.5x speed (-10 frames)
--Base Sleep Time: 33 -> 24
--Wakeup: IASA 10 -> 25
-"Auto L Cancel" option replaces "Score Display" in the "More Rules" menu.
-Bowser now has his own emblem to go with his unique victory music.
-Stock icons have been changed to character heads.
-Throw release points have been updated to match Melee, fixing a bug where characters rotated drastically when being thrown.
-All character's tumble animations have been cleaned up, making the knockback formula more accurate (characters would slightly drift in unexpected ways).
-Fixed a bug with the Nunchuck controller where using the dpad for smash attacks always charged the attack.
-Added "2x Speed" option in Training Mode.
-Fixed a bug with All Star Versus requiring a controller in the first port if the fourth port is used.
-Removed the Salty Runbacks exception for Pokemon Stadium 1.
-Independent button presses now function correctly in Frame Advance and with Nana.
-Giga can now grab items, and use most of them.
-A new sound and graphical effect was added to medium and high knockback attacks.
-Graphics for on-hit effects have been improved.
-Light element graphic was given a new effect.
-Common5 files were split up into sc_selmap.pac, sc_selcharacter.pac, and sc_selcharacter2.pac all located in the menu2 folder.
-Launcher updated to support the Wii U Gamecube adapter and fix various bugs.
-The Event Match Clash of Swords now takes place on Battlefield because of issues with ASLR and 1 player modes.
Classic mode scenarios have also been modified to replace Lylat with Corneria+Sector Z.
Music & Sound Effects
-Added Jungle Japes music back to its original slot
-Added Spear Pillar music back to its original slot
-Added two new tracks to Smashville: "Animal Tentacles" and "KICKS' TWILITE FUNK"
-Added a new Result Screen track "Chillin' with the Bros." by Amphibious
-Added Bowser's Castle remix track
-Added Delfino's Secret track
-Added a new track, "Metal Cavern" by MG3
-Added Peach's Castle 64 track
-Modified the volume of the Hanenbow track
-Modified the style of Bowser's Victory theme and moved it over Smashville's K.K. Condor, disabling it from that stage.
-Replaced "Opening (Super Smash Bros. Melee)" with "Multi-Man Melee 2"

Sound Effects
-Brian Mckeever now voices the announcer.
-New sword hit sounds (med, strong)
-New electric hit sounds (weak, med, strong)
-New lingering hit sounds for electric and fire attacks.
-Lowered the volume of all generic crowd cheers.
-Subspace Emissary bosses have their correct sound effects.
-Bowser has a new Koopa Claw sound.
-All uses of aura for Lucario share common sounds.
-Mr. G&W has new pain beeps.
-New sound for Olimar's Ionium Jet.
-New sound for Pit's Shield Bash upon Up Special's sweetspot.
-New sound effects for Pit's glide timer.
-New knife swooshes on Snake's Forward Smash.
-Raised the volume of Zero Suit Samus' voice clips on her taunts.
Alternate Stages
-Brawl Castle Siege (transforming) added to static Castle Siege
-Brawl Delfino Plaza added to Delfino's Secret
-Brawl Distant Planet added to Distant Planet
-Brawl Green Hill Zone added to Green Hill Zone
-Brawl Hanenbow added to Hanenbow
-Brawl Lylat added to Lylat
-Redesigned New Pork City added to Fourside
-Brawl Norfair added to Norfair
-Brawl Rumble Falls added to Rumble Falls
-Brawl Skyworld added to Skyworld
-Brawl WarioWare added to WarioWare
-Hyrule 64 added to Hyrule HD
-Metal Cavern 64 added to Metal Cavern HD
-Peach's Castle 64 added to Peach's Castle HD
-Planet Zebes 64 added to Brinstar
-Sector Z 64 added to Corneria
-Yoshi's Story 64 added to Yoshi's Story Melee
-Pokemon Stadium 1 added to Pokemon Stadium 2
-Melee Battlefield added to Battlefield
-Yoshi's Island Melee added to Yoshi's Island Brawl

Bowser's Castle
-Replaces Peach's Castle (Melee) which was formerly Mario Circuit
-Thwomps have hitboxes, destroy each the side platforms, and are roughly a minute apart

Castle Siege
-Recolored the stage and added lighting based off of the Bridge of Eldin stage
-Stage no longer transforms

Delfino's Secret
-Ported from Dracula's Castle but changed a few of the platform arrangements
-Base platform is now completely flat.
-Replaces Delfino Plaza
-Reduced blast zones. Lowered top boundary 270 -> 260. Shortened side blast zones 260 -> 235.

Distant Planet
-Increased the quality of textures on the stage
-Modified the side collisions to be flatter
-Replaced the floating platforms with mushrooms and added a watering can to the background
-Increased the top boundary 195 -> 205
-Redid the collisions on stage to fix a bug where you could ledgehog by grabbing the opposite ledge.

-Reduced the wind's screen shake intensity
-Altered the wind hitbox to push characters only to their teetering animation

Green Hill Zone
-Modified the base platform model
--Smoothed the edges
--Added extra grass to the front
--Added an indent to the front of the stage.
-Tweaked background animation to fix a looping issue

Jungle Japes
-Replaces Skyloft

Luigi's Mansion
-Replaces Dracula's Castle
-All platforms can be passed through
-Slightly larger stage.

Peach's Castle 64
-Replaces Rainbow Cruise

Pokemon Stadium 2
-Reduced side blast zones 250 -> 235
-Shrunk the base stage 5%

Saffron City
-Revamped HD stage

Spear Pillar
-Replaces Saffron City

Training Room
-Fixed platform collisions
-Adjusted the respawn platform

Yoshi's Story (Melee)
-Removed the slopes from the wall collisions

-Changed the Pig texture to a drawing of Ashley for the static version

-Stage collisions altered for a more enjoyable experience in Stamina mode.
-Floor collisions normalized on these stages to be completely flat: Battlefield, Castle Siege, Dreamland, Fourside, Frigate Orpheon, Green Hill Zone, Halberd, Infinite Glacier, Jungle Japes, Pokemon Stadium 1, Rumble Falls, Saffron City, Skyloft, Smashville, Spear Pillar, Training Room, and Warioware.
Bowser Changelist
Dash Attack
-Pushed back IASA 49 -> 54.
-Reduced Armor from medium -> light. Adjusted Armor indicator to match.
-Initial Hit trajectory 80 -> 70.
-Lingering trajectory 80 -> 55.
-Hit degradess (strong -> flub) 1 frame earlier

-Forward Tilt
--Reduced Start up 11 -> 9 frames.
--Initial Hit reduced damage (15/14/13 -> 14/13/12).
--Added flub hit that starts 2 frames after strong hit and lasts for 5 frames (+3 frames active duration). Flub is 4 damage less (10/9/8), 0 sh damage, 0 base, 100 growth
--Reduced outer Hitbox disjoint, enlarged body Hitbox slightly.

-Up Tilt
--Initial hit degrades 1 frame sooner.
--Lingering Hit adjusted. Damage reduced 11 -> 8. Trajectory now sends behind 80 -> 110/70. Knockback reduced Base 55 -> 40.

-Down Tilt
-Armor Indicator added for light armor.

-All Smashes have Light Armor while charging.
-Charge time now determines how strong the Smash’s corresponding armor is. Scales from Light Armor (no charge) to Super Armor (full charge).

-Forward Smash
--Reduced start up 34 -> 30 frames.
--Active Frames trimmed and IASA moved forward to maintain cooldown. Active Frames 31-34, IASA 67.
--Trimmed 1 frame of Armor to match Hitbox Active Frames.
--Tipper hitbox now comes out a frame later and slightly reduced in size. Body Hitbox enlarged.
--Lunging movement reduced.
--Knockback reduced. Base 50 -> 60, Growth 100 -> 70.
--Minor tweaks to explosion graphic placement.

-Up Smash
--Reduced Startup 15 -> 12 frames
--Pushed forward IASA 50 -> 46.
--Removed intangibility in favor of Armor (Frames 13-18) that degrades one step on frame 15 (to possibly no armor).
--Re arranged hitboxes to give slightly better sweetspot coverage.

-Down Smash
--Reduced Startup 13 -> 10 frames,
--Pushed Forward IASA 68 -> 60.
--Tweaked positioning and Resized repeating Hitboxes to give Bowser better body coverage without effectively increasing range.
--Final Hit adjusted. Damage lowered 10 -> 6. Trajectory now sends behind 90 -> 120. Knockback partially compensated for damage reduction, Base 40 -> 50. Growth 140 -> 168.

-Neutral Aerial
--Armor reduced from heavy -> medium.
--Armor activation pushed back 2 frames, from 3 to 5 (matches Hitbox activation).

-Forward Aerial
--Knockback matched to Melee Forward Air.
--Flub Knockback Base 25, Growth 99 -> Base 50, Growth 75
--Tip Knocback Base 35, Growth 92 -> Base 50, Growth 75

-Up Aerial
--Knockback curve redone to favor lower base and higher growth.
--Base 50 -> 25. Growth 96 -> 112.

-Down Aerial
--Lowest hitbox size reduced.

-Down Throw
--Made weight independent.

-Neutral Special (Flame Breath)
--Flames reach further
--Max Speed/Distance 140 -> 345
--Min Speed/Distance 18 -> 75
--Max Flame Size 100 -> 240
--Min Flame Size 35 -> 60
--Flame Drain/Recharge rates standardized to 3 seconds before empty, 6 seconds to fully charge. Previously had variable rates that could result in flame reach and size becoming unsynchronized.
--Speed/Distance Drain Rate 1.1 -> 1.5
--Speed/Distance Recharge Rate 0.6 -> 0.75
--Flame Size Drain Rate 1.3 -> 1
--Flame Size Recharge Rate 0.7 -> 0.5
--Hitlag and SDI multipliers homogenized to x1.0 from x1.5/x1.0
--Hitbox intervals extended 3 -> 4 frames.

-Side Special (Koopa Klaw)
--Aerial and grounded animation cooldown matched up. Both IASA 44 from 57 (aerial) and 48 (grounded).
--Reduced start up by 4 frames. Grabs Frame 16 -> 12
--Removed Grounded Klaw Armor and indicator flash
--Reduced horizontal burst movement
--Graphical tweaks to the slash effect
--New Unique Slash Sound Effect

--Attack hitbox tweaked:
---Hitbox damage and priority adjusted to match Melee. Damage Base to Tip 11/12/12 -> 12/12/10.
---Trajectory lowered 70 -> 65.

--Forward Throw hitbox tweaked:
---Damage reduced to match Melee, 20 -> 15. Trajectory Lowered 80 -> 74.
---Knockback Adjusted to favor higher Growth. Base 92 -> 55, Growth 29 -> 50.

-Up Special (Grounded Fortress)
--Initial Hit knockback reduced, Base 90 -> 70, Growth 80 -> 85
--Adjustments to the Graphical sparks and flashes to aid in determining Bowser’s facing.

-Up Special (Aerial Fortress)
--Reduced damage on repeating hits by 1, -10 damage if all hits connect.

-Down Special (Bowser Bomb)
--Slightly reduced vertical distance traveled.

-Bowser’s size was reduced by 6%
--Reduced and adjusted Hitboxes to match size change
--Ledgegrab Box Height and Width scaled down 6%
--Many small adjustments to animation movement and positioning
--Shield Size 16 -> 15

-Minor Tweaks to very slightly speed up movemenet
--Dash Initial Velocity 1.1 -> 1.3
--Walk Acceleration 0.05 -> 0.07
--Walk Maximum Velocity 0.65 -> 0.75

-Armor Indicators reworked to correspond to Armor strength
-Ledge Jump animation adjusted to prevent inconsistent ledge jump waveland Self-Destructs
-Giga Bowser buffed for a more enjoyable experience :-)
Captain Falcon Changelist
-Down Aerial
--The Nipple Spike now uses the fire element.

-Up Throw
--Adjusted to match Melee better in hit, release, and IASA.

-Down Throw
--Release point adjusted to better match Melee.

-Side Special (Raptor Boost Aerial)
--No longer a spike, is now a meteor smash. Stats matched to Melee.

-Down Special (Falcon Kick)
--Landing hitbox
---Hits only grounded opponents.
---Damage increased from 6 to 10.
---KBG decreased from 83 to 35.
---Hitbox size decreased from 6 to 5.

-Powershield size multiplier increased from 0.73x to 0.75x
Charizard Changelist
-Down Special (Fly)
--Physics, animation, and momentum properties adjusted to feel nicer.
Dedede Changelist
-Forward Smash
--Quake hitbox appears 2 frames earlier (the frame the hammer impacts the ground).

-Up Smash
--Hits 3 frames earlier, from frame 20 -> 17.
--Damage lowered from 22% -> 20%.
--KBG increased from 75 -> 79.
--Endlag increased from 29 frames -> 32.

-Neutral Aerial
--Sweetspot/sourspot 65/80 angle -> 75/75.

-Down Aerial
--Hammer moved upwards by 1.2 units in animation.
--Startup is 3 frames slower, hitting from frame 9 -> 12.
--Changed angle of linking hits from 90/270 -> 100/160 (10 degrees more inwards).
--Changed SDI of the hammer head's linking hits from 0.8x to 1x (handle hitboxes were always 1x).
--Final hit has a more dynamic knockback range (BKB 90 -> 40, KBG 50 -> 150).

-Neutral Special (Inhale)
--Inhale windbox strength decreased from 10/30/50 WDSK -> 10/20/30.

-Forward Special (Waddle Dee Toss)
--Gordos are now rethrowable, like Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos. Their physics have been reworked to compliment this.

-Up Special (Super Dedede Jump)
--Altered downward momentum gain to be smoother overall.
--Added plummeting graphic on the frames the hitboxes appear.

-Down Special (Jet Hammer)
--Used a set frame command instead of frame speed mods on attack subactions. Frame data is unchanged.
--Altered effect timing.

-Improved hammer movement's smoothness on up smash and forward aerial.
-Moved Dedede downwards during CaptureHigh animation in order to fix him instantly breaking free from aerial grabs if immediately pummeled.
Diddy Kong Changelist
-Forward Smash
--Added a frame before first hit and removed a frame between hits so characters with a 4 frame landing can't DI down and shield between them.
--Reduced 1st hit's damage from 5 to 4.

-Up Special (Rocketbarrel Boost)
--Barrel movement reverted to Brawl. Barrels explode on contact with the stage and players, but deal minimal damage (1-3%) and don't cause flinching.
--Hitbox appears starting frame 11 instead of 1 so that interrupting Diddy when he's using up-b doesn't immediately cause the barrels to explode.
Donkey Kong Changelist
No changes.
Falco Changelist
-Side Special
--No longer slides during startup, preventing a bug relating to sliding off and down of platforms.
Fox Changelist
Jab 1
-Angle lowered to 55 from 70.

-Forward Smash
--Hitbox comes out one frame later (frame 12) to match Melee.

-Up Special (Firefox)
--Landing lag increased from 6 frames to 20.
--Landing lag after special fall increased from 3 frames to 7.

-Side Special
--Landing lag after special fall increased from 3 frames to 7.
--No longer slides during startup, preventing a bug relating to sliding off and down of platforms.

-Down Special (Grounded Reflector)
--Fixed the bug where reflector gets double SFX and GFX if he edge cancels on frame 1.

-Down Special (Aerial Reflector)
--100 weight-dependent set knockback replaced with a standard knockback curve.
--Base knockback set to 55.
--Knokback growth set to 35.
--Angle set to 20.
Ganondorf Changelist
-Neutral Aerial
--Removed 7 damage late hit flubs on 2nd half of each kick. Hit durations on the kicks 6->2, making the AC begin when the 2nd kick ends instead of during the hit window.

-Back Aerial
--Fixed back-air snapping downwards when transitioning into fall.

-Neutral Special (Dead Man's Volley)
--Reflect location now follows Ganondorf's arm and cape movement. Extended reflect duration by ~3 frames and added a visual indication for when it is able to reflect.

-Taunt Attack
--Super Armor -> Light Armor.
--Starts hitting 1 frame later than before (frames 94-97 -> 95-97) so that it doesn't hit before the sword swings downwards.
--Added a large, 1-frame "glancing blow" hitbox to cover most of the sword's arc on the frame it swings downwards. It's quite a bit weaker than the other hitboxes (24%, 75 kbg, 40 bkb, 55 angle, slash element), but has the least priority. The strong hitboxes will still hit enemies directly in front of Ganondorf like before.
Ice Climbers Changelist
-Fixed the walk momentum glitch.
Ike Changelist
-Forward Special (Quick Draw)
--Damage increase per charge frame: 0.083333333 from 0.16666667
--Max charge frame count 60 from 30
--Endlag +3 (IASA 35 from 32)
--BKB 40 from 50
--KBG 130 from 120
--Fixed a glitch where Ike can get multiple walljumps by interrupting the animation on frame 5.

-Up Special (Aether)
--No longer has light armor.
Ivysaur Changelist
Forward Tilt
--Has 4 hits instead of 7.
--Tweaked multihits to link a little better, damage increased from 1 to 2.
--IASA decreased from 39 to 36.
--Now angleable.

-Forward Smash
--Base knockback increased from 20 to 30.
--Knockback growth increased from 99 to 100.

-Neutral Aerial
--Multi-hit hitboxes are active longer in order to fill the gaps between them.
--Removed the uppermost hitbox on the landing hit.
--Removed the useless, fully overlapped hitbox in the middle of the last air hit

-Back Aerial
--Reduced range on first swing by 15%.
--Reduced range on second swing by 5%.

--Charges/Heals 2 points instead of 1.
--Amount charged/healed now accounts for stale moves.

--Damage decreased from 6 to 5.
--Knockback growth increased from 120 to 135.
--Charges/Heals 5 points instead of 3.
--Amount charged/healed now accounts for stale moves.
--Updates current charge level GFX during the move.

-Neutral Special (Solar Beam)
--Invincibility starts 3 frames earlier so that Ivysaur can't be interrupted once the beam graphic appears.
--Moved graphic forward 1 frame so the hitboxes appear on the frame the beam has fully expanded.

-Up Special (Vine Whip)
--Damage from base to tip changed from 11/11/11/13/14 to 11/11/11/11/15.
--Base knockback from base to tip changed from 40/40/40/60/80 to 40/40/40/40/80.
--Fixed a bug that caused Ivysaur's Up B tether to fail if used near the end of her tether range.
--Fixed a visual bug that made two vines appear on up B if Ivy had tethered to a ledge at least once.

-Dash Attack has been given a new animation to differentiate it from running and dashing, in which Ivysaur does a full-bodied lunge. Hitbox and distance properties function the same.
-Added vine motion trails to jab, d-tilt, d-smash, f-air, and b-air.
-Fixed a bug where attempting to heal an amount greater than Ivysaur's current percent wouldn't heal her at all.
-Fixed a bug allowing gaining or losing an unrelated amount of charge/health when hitting projectiles.
Jigglypuff Changelist
-Fixed a bug that prevented Jigglypuff from using beam swords correctly.
Kirby Changelist
Dash Attack
-Final hit base knockback decreased from 65 to 45.
-Final hit knockback growth increased from 75 to 90.
-Final hit hitboxes terminates 2 frames sooner. Graphics adjusted to match.

-Up Smash
--Hitboxes terminate 3 frames earlier.
--Cooldown lowered from 44 to 39.

-Up Special (Final Cutter)
--Hitbox Angle 275 -> 290 (spike).
--Changed the single size 7 hitbox (present on his descent) to two size 3.5 hitboxes along the sword.
--Can only reverse ledge grab during up b for 4 frames after the spike hitbox comes out.
--The spike hitbox no longer shrinks for 9 frames in the middle of the animation.

-Down Special (Stone)
--Drift after transforming back significantly reduced.
Link Changelist
-Forward Tilt
--BKB from 5, 5, 2, 2 to 15, 15, 10, 10.
--Damage reduced by 1 on all hits. 14, 15, 14, 13 to 13, 14, 13, 12.
--Angle reduced from 361 to 35.

-Up Tilt animation tweaked to properly hit opponents in front and behind.

-Forward Smash
--Damage increased by 1 on all hits. 14, 15, 15, 15 to 15, 16, 16, 16.

-Up Smash
--SDI multiplier on first hitboxes all normalized to 1.0.

-Neutral Aerial
--Sweetspot timing has +1 damage to all hits. 9, 11, 8 to 10, 12, 9.

-Back Aerial
--Replaced KBG with WDSK for static KB to link better into the second hit.
--Second hitbox comes out two frames faster (18 -> 16).
--Overall move IASA remains the same.

-Up Aerial
--Top hitbox raised slightly to better match sword.

-Down Aerial
--Beginning of animation slightly cleaned up sword positioning.
--Hitboxes adjusted very slightly to be better centered on the sword.

-Back Throw
--Hitbox frame 12 -> 12-13

-Up Throw
--BKB 24 -> 30
--Release frame 28 -> 29
--Endlag 16 -> 20

-Down Throw
--Hitbox size 3.51 -> 4.32
--Hitbox frame 22 -> 22-23
--Release frame 23 -> 28

-Neutral Special (Hero's Bow)
--No longer slightly moves Link

-Side Special (Boomerang)
--Release frame matched to Melee/Brawl. Releases frame 27 from 23.
--IASA increased from 38 to 43.

-Smoothed out wobbling from sword hitboxes on Down Aerial and Up Aerial.
-Slightly tweaked walking, dashing, running, dash attack, neutral aerial, and back aerial animations.
-Ground friction reduced from 0.1 to 0.09
-Run speed increased from 1.35 to 1.4
Lucario Changelist
-Up Smash
--Repeating hits last 2 frames each instead of 1, in order to fill in the gaps between hits.
--No longer grab-invulnerable.

-Neutral Special (Aura Sphere)
--Cancel IASA pushed back to 8, instead of 4.
--Startup hitbox begins on frame 10, instead of 3.
--No longer grab-invulnerable during Aura Sphere Cancel.

-Side Special (Force Palm)
--Regular (non-super) grab now generates Aura.
--No longer grab-invulnerable.

-Up Special (ExtremeSpeed)
--Can no longer airdodge after using an Aura cancel.
--Changed how up-b's Aura cancel physics function in order to feel a bit more natural.
--Fixed a momentum stacking bug that could occur if Lucario slid off a ledge after Aura canceling while on the ground.
--Aura cancel no longer shares an animation with u-taunt (is now based off of Brawl's n-air animation).
--Aura cancel now waits until at least frame 2 before it can land on the ground so that the cancel hitbox doesn't get skipped.

-Down Special (Double Team)
--Aura cancel no longer transfers 10 frames of intangibility into the next action.
--"Phase" graphics/sounds now appear on the same frame Lucario becomes intangible, instead of being a few frames later.

-Aura charge gain on body hit set to 1x damage dealt from 1.2x.
-Aura charge gain on shield hit set to 0x shield damage dealt from 0.6x.
-Up Taunt can now be held for continuous Aura gain. Lucario takes 5% and gains 5 Aura every 40 frames it is held. However, it does not deal any damage if Lucario is at maximum Aura.
-A bright flash graphic and sound plays the exact moment Lucario gains an Aura charge, so in intense moments like mid-combo, Aura resources available are more immediately obvious.
-Pummel can now generate Aura, but deals 2% damage instead of 3%.
-Improved Aura indicator graphic effects used on Lucario's hands.
- New dash and run animations
-Usmash animation updated aesthetically to fit Lucario more. Up Smash's charge frame moved forward 2 frames as a result.
Lucas Changelist
-Up Tilt
--Early hit:
--Angle: 90/65/65 -> 85/85/85
--Tip: 10%/100 KBG/55 BKB -> 11%/85 KBG/60 BKB
--Sourspot:8%/100 KBG/25 BKB -> 8%/120 KBG/30 BKB
--Late hit:
--Angle: 85/65/65 -> 85/85/85 (outer to inner)

-Neutral Special
--Charge interrupt IASA moved from 30 -> 22, aerial stall decreased to compensate shorter IASA.
--Disabled drift control during all stages of charging.

-Forward Special
--Fixed a bug with aerial PK Freeze's projectile using the grounded speed/distance if Lucas lands on the same frame the projectile is shot.
--Increased the speed of grounded PK Freeze by 2 frames (one startup, one IASA).
Luigi Changelist
-Forward Special (Green Missle)
--Misfire "revolver clip size" increased from 6 to 8 (after 7 failed attempts you're guaranteed to get a misfire).
--Misfire DMG increased to 27 from 25, additional shield DMG reduced to 0 from 4.
--Storing a misfire diminishes DMG by 3 each time with a cap of 15 DMG after the forth cancel.

-Down Special (Luigi Cyclone)
--Maximum Vertical Velocity: 2.0 -> 1.4 (melee)
--Initial Vertical Velocity: -0.95 -> -0.769 (melee)
--Velocity Gain Per Input: 1.0 -> 0.8 (melee)
--Disables gravity for 5 frames for every input
--Window to input: 6-43 -> 6-38
--Counts as consumed at the beginning
--Does not reset on ledge grab
--Properly resets on edge cancels and grabs
Mario Changelist
-Down Tilt
--Trajectories homogenized to 80 degrees (from 80/85/90)
---BKB 40 -> 30
---KBG 70 -> 80
---IASA 27 -> 29

-Forward Aerial
--Hitboxes homogenialized to match hitting vs air and ground. Doctor Mario outward strike hits on frame 16 and 17, Mario meteor from frames 18 to 22. Previously against aerial opponents Doctor Mario outward strike hit from frames 16 to 19, with Mario's on frames 20 to 22.

-Up Aerial
--Trajectory of later hit 55 from 65.

-Down Aerial
-SDI multipliers all changed from x0.75 to x1.
Marth Changelist
-Up Special (Dolphin Slash)
--Fixed a physics exploit that allowed for some alteration in vertical mobility during endlag.
Meta Knight Changelist
-Down Tilt
--IASA lowered from 22 to 20
--Ported the first hitbox kb/dmg/angle stats (the launcher hitbox) to the second hitbox.

-Down Aerial
--Hits on frames 12-13. All hitboxes are 14% DMG, 35 angle, 30 BKB, 75 KBG, 4.25 size.
--Altered animation to have more force behind it.

-Standing grab range 13 units -> 14 units.

-Down Throw
--Always forces tumble.

-Neutral Special
--Damage per hit lowered from 2% -> 1%.
--Has a re-hit rate of 5 frames (4 at the smaller "sweetspot" at the middle of the tornado), instead of ranging between 6-10-ish frames depending on how fast Meta Knight is spinning.
--Sweetspot and side hitboxes have 110 angle, 40 BKB, and have priority. Larger center hitbox has 90 angle, 30 BKB, usually only hitting if the opponent is grounded or below Meta Knight.
--Aerial ending hitbox moved upwards slightly, to the same height as the grounded ending hitbox.
--Beginning of grounded neutral-B no longer forces Meta Knight off the ground.
--Modified the coding to make mashing easier, but also to remove the ability to use d-pad specials to gain excessive height. Keeps the same practical height gain.

-Side Special
--Multi-hit's rehit rate changed from 5 frames to 4. Deals a whole 1% more total damage as a result.
--Increased size of multi-hit's frontmost hitbox from 3 -> 4.5, and moved it backwards by 1 unit.
--Lowered the BKB of the multi-hits by various amounts to improve linkage.
--Aerial final hit's hitbox sizes (sword/body) reduced from 6.56/7.38 to 5/6. Moved hitboxes inward by 0.64/2 units.

-Up Special
--All hitboxes on up+b normalized to 1x hitlag.
--Flub hitbox on grounded up+b reinstated.
--Aerial up+b weak hit duration reverted to 3.02.
--Disabled vertical momentum during aerial startup, for more consistent height gain.
--Altered some sound effects to be less busy.
--Grounded up-B has Meta Knight take out his wings partway through, as his wings were animated but weren't actually set to display properly.

-Down Special (Dimensional Cape)
-KBG on the strong hitbox decreased to 100 from 115.
--Increased the size of the attack's hitboxes somewhat in order to fill the graphics a bit more.
--Ledge cancelling the slash causes you to go into regular fall instead of special fall.
--Altered ending coding to be consistent between air/ground.

-Weight was increased to 79 from 70.
-Added a dust effect when Meta Knight is nearing the end of his glide timer.
-Various slash, animation, and other graphical polishes.
-All specials now cause Meta Knight to lose all remaining jumps if used in the air. Keeps jumps if used from the ground. Previous behavior caused neutral-B, side-B, and up-B to lose 1 jump, and down-b to lose all jumps if used in the air.
Mewtwo Changelist
-Forward Tilt
--Tip BKB increased from 20 -> 40

-Up Smash
--Pop up hitboxes adjusted to be slightly smaller.

-Neutral Aerial
--All hitboxes now deal consistent damage. Damage alternates from 2 to 1 with every iteration, making total damage 20 -> 16.

-Forward Aerial
--Hitbox offset moved in closer to his body.

-Up Special (Teleport)
--Special Fall landing lag increased to 15 from 5.
--Fixed bug that allowed jump squat -> first frame DJ -> next frame Teleport -> Hover.
--Teleport no longer cancels into ending when aiming away from a wall you're touching, and can turn around properly if teleporting towards a wall you're already touching.
--Only grabs ledges while invisible if facing towards the ledge.

-Down Special (Disable)
--Hitbox size increased 2.5 -> 3.5.

- Getup attack is now electric element and has spark GFX to better indicate the body hitboxes.
-Powershield size multiplier reduced from 0.9x to 0.75x
-Fixed bug that allowed Mewtwo to extend his Hover duration using Aerials
-Improved the graphics on Neutral Special, Up Smash, and various other moves.
-Shadow Ball sound effects improved.
Mr. G&W Changelist
-Up Smash IASA increased from 44 to 49.

-Up Special (Fire)
--Hits on Frame 3 from Frame 1

-Down Special (Bucket)
--Damage formula reverted to 3.02
Ness Changelist
-Up Smash (Charge hitbox)
--Angle changed from 270 to 90.
--BKB decreased from 40 to 20.

-Down Smash (Charge hitbox)
--Angle changed from 270 to 145.
--BKB decreased from 40 to 20.

-Forward Aerial DMG: 3,3,3,3,3 -> 4,4,2,2,3. KB compensated.

-Up Special (PK-Thunder 2)
--Fixed a mistake which made Ness' PK-Thunder 2 not able to reverse ledge-grab at the peak.

-Down Special (Magnet)
--DMG: 4 -> 6.
BKB: 15 -> 27.
KBG: 160-> 90.

-Down Throw
--BKB: 78 -> 80.
--KBG 80 -> 68.
Olimar Changelist
Dash Attack
-Strong hit: BKB 90 -> 50, KBG 35 -> 100
-Weak hit: Angle 68 -> 65, BKB 50 -> 20, KBG 70 -> 100

-Forward Tilt
--KBG: 96 -> 100
--BKB: 20 -> 40

-Up Tilt
--KBG: 80 -> 90
--Animation adjusted to look more forceful

-Down Tilt
--BKB: 40 -> 50

-Forward Smash
--Animation revamped to a more forceful version of Brawl's animation to improve readability
--Adjusted SFX to be more suitable
----DMG: 15/16/17 -> 16/18/20
----DMG: 17/19/21 -> 16/17/18

-Up Smash
--Animation revamped to improve readability
--Adjusted SFX to be more suitable
---DMG: 13/14/15 -> 14/16/18
---DMG: 13/15/17 -> 14/15/16

-Down Smash
--Animation revamped to improve readability
--Adjusted SFX to be more suitable
---DMG: 13/14/15 -> 14/16/18
---DMG: 13/15/17 -> 14/15/16

-Forward Aerial
--Added motion trail graphical effect
---DMG: 13/14/15 -> 13/15/17
---DMG: 13/15/17 -> 13/14/15

-Back Aerial
--Added motion trail graphical effect
--Slight animation adjustment
---DMG: 14/15/16 -> 15/17/19
---DMG: 14/16/18 -> 15/16/17

-Up Aerial
--Added motion trail graphical effect
---DMG: 13/14/15 -> 13/15/17
---DMG: 13/15/17 -> 13/14/15

-Down Aerial
--Added motion trail graphical effect
---DMG: 14/15/16 -> 15/17/19
---DMG: 14/16/18 -> 15/16/17

-Standing grab, dash grab, and pivot grab start-up reduced to frame 9 from 11.
-Grab endlag was increased from 10 frames to 20 frames.

-Foward Throw
---DMG: 12 -> 12/14/16

-Back Throw
---DMG 12 -> 12/14/16

-Up Throw
--Endlag increased from 15 frames to 20 frames
---DMG: 12 -> 12/14/16
---KBG: 72 -> 105

-Down Throw
--Endlag reduced from 21 frames to 20 frames.
---Flowered now has fire graphical effect to match other throws
---DMG: 10 -> 10/12/14
---KBG: 60 -> 105

-Up Special Pikmin Chain replaced with Ionium Jet
--Rockets Olimar up in an arc, allowing for slight adjustment of horizontal trajectory
--Deals 7 multi-hits from frames 21-40 to a final hit on frame 41-44:
---(Multi-hits) DMG: 1%, Angle 65, KGB 8, BKB 70, SDI x0.5
---(Final hit) DMG: 5%, Angle 50, KGB 100, BKB 60
--Additional exhaust hit under Olimar's jetpack which hits frame 21
---DMG: 10%, angle 60, KGB 70, BKB 60

-Pikmin properties have been adjusted such that flowering Pikmin is now more rewarding. In general:
--Red Pikmin gain +2 damage on attacks from each stage of growth from +1
--Yellow Pikmin have larger hitboxes from each stage of growth
--Blue Pikmin gain +2 and additional knockback on throws from each stage of growth
--Purple Pikmin only gain +1 damage on attacks but have increased knockback on attacks from each stage of growth

-Olimar's Down Taunt can now be looped by holding down DPad down.
-Pikmin no longer mature while on the respawn platform.
-New victory animation to replace is former "idle" victory animation
Peach Changelist
-Up Special (Peach Parasol)
--Fixed turn around input frame from 4->6.
--Better matched Melee Peach's sweetspot and attack reach.

-Up Throw and Side B element properly matches the costume
Pikachu Changelist
Dash Attack
-Damage increased to 10 from 8 (KB uncompensated)

-Down Tilt
--Damage increased to 8 from 7 (KB uncompensated)

-Neutral Special (Thunderjolt)
--Damage on both grounded and aerial versions is now 10 each, from 7/10.

-Up Special (Quick Attack)
--Ending lag on non-Quick Attack Cancelled 1st dash and ending on ground of the 2nd decreased from 39 to 30 frames.
--Air to ground special landing lag decreased from 30 to 24 frames. Matches Melee.
Pit Changelist
-Forward Tilt
--Changed Forward Tilt's animation to have a larger vertical sweep. Middle-most hitbox is larger than normal on the first hit frame. Horizontal reach is unchanged.
--IASA 28 -> 31
--Sweetspot BKB 50 -> 45
--Sourspot BKB 50 -> 40

-Up Tilt
--Launching hitbox on the first hit has priority over the juggling hitboxes (properly launches from the ground at 0)
-1st hit:
--Launching hit angle: 95 -> 100
--leg hit: BKB 0 -> 5
-2nd hit:
--KBG 80 -> 100
--IASA increased to 28 from 26.

-Down Tilt
--Sped up by 2 frames. Now hits on frames 9-11, IASA on 30.

-Forward Smash (Swing 1)
--Animation, hitboxes, and timings adjusted to better link into Swing 2's strong hitboxes.
--IASA 26 -> 30; Fsmash2 input window unchanged, this increases fsmash cancel by six frames.
--Inner hitboxes 6 dmg -> 9 dmg
--Outer hitboxes 4 dmg -> 7 dmg
-Foward Smash (Swing 2)
--Hitboxes start and end 1 frame later.
--Inner hitboxes 15 dmg -> 12 dmg
--Outer hitboxes 12 dmg -> 10 dmg

-Up Smash
--Linking hit angles: upward: 110 -> 100; downward: 230 -> 260
--SDI 0.4x -> 1x (this was actually in the 3.5 changelog but never implemented for some reason)
--Middle hit now hits downward on both hitboxes instead of just 1
--Final hit body hitbox: size: 3.5 -> 5

-Down Smash
-1st hit:
--Angle 361 -> 75 (matches back hit)
--All hitboxes +10 BKB. Sword (30 -> 40), Shoulder (25 -> 35), Body (18 -> 28).

-Neutral Aerial
--Linking hits each last 5 frames instead of 3 to reduce gaps between hits and improve linkage. Hits on frames 4-8, 9-13, 14-18, and 19-21.
--Increased size of linking hits' center hitbox for more consistent hitbox coverage.
--Attached final hitbox to the center of Pit's bow and increased its size a bit to cover most of the graphic effect.

-Back Aerial:
--Redone animation.
--Active 9-25 -> 9-22 (hitbox terminates at the same time as the glowing sword GFX)

-Up Aerial:
--Landlag: 22 -> 20
--Angle 70 -> 75
--Center hitbox: BKB (5 -> 15), KBG (110 -> 100).
--Outer hitboxes: DMG (10 -> 11), BKB (5 -> 15), KBG (110 -> 100).
--Angle 80 -> 75
--All hitboxes homogenized to 8 dmg. Outer (7 -> 8), Inner (9 -> 8).

-Down Aerial:
--Hits are now strongest on the blade for the entire duration, instead of starting off strong at Pit's arm and then switching to the blade halfway through. Arm hitbox takes priorty.
--Sourspot deals 10% damage instead of 8%. KB Compensated.

-Down Throw:
--Changed so Pit has less opportunities for follow up and higher pecent. bkb (75 -> 65), kbg (45 -> 70)

-Standing grab
--Added a small inner grab-box in order to help keep it from missing at point blank.

-Neutral Special
--Arrow release frame moved up from 19 to 15, the notched arrow hitbox is out a frame earlier.
--Cleaned up the animation and coding such that shooting an arrow straight and shooting an arrow up have similar timings.

-Side Special (Glide)
--Now has a 'glide timer' of 75 frames, has graphics that indicate the time progression, after which he goes into his glide end.

-Up Special
--Fixed up-b's momentum not gaining momentum properly when used out of hitstun.
--Also gave it slightly prettier visuals.
--Now reflects projectiles

-Down Special (Mirror Shield)
--Ending's IASA changed from frame 15 to 5.
R.O.B. Changelist
-Forward Tilt
--IASA increased to 33 from 30.

-Up Smash
--Adjusted pop-up hitboxes to have reduced vertical range.

-Down Smash
--SDI multipliers on multi-hits normalized from x0.9 to x1.0.

-Side Special (Grounded)
--ROBs Set Horizontal Momentum set to 0.25 to keep him nearly stationary.
--Animation adjusted to reflect this change.
--Reflector Active Frames: 6-28 -> 6-29 to match when regular hitbox ends.
--Multihit hitboxes replaced with a regular hitbox that is stronger during the initial 2 frames.
---Strong hit: Frames 14-16, 10 DMG, 361 Angle, 35 BKB, 75 KBG, Size 4
---Flub hit: Frames 17-30, 6 DMG, 361 Angle, 20 BKB, 75 KBG, Size 3

-Down Special (Gyro)
--Max Velocity changed from x1 to x0.7225.

-Neutral Aerial
--Additional Boost % decreased from +2% to +1% (16% -> 15%)
--Late hit (active frames 23-28): 14% -> 12%, 50bkb -> 30bkb

-Down Throw
--Angle lowered to 80 from 85.

-Forward Throw (and Back Throw)
--Both throws release on frame 12, previously from frame 5.

-Weight lowered to 104 from 106.
-Terminal Velocity increased to 2.0 from 1.65
-Fastfall Terminal Velocity increased to 2.55 from 2.4.
-Changed special fall animation to fix some clipping and have smoother arm rotations.
-Fixed some odd clipping with ROB's arms going through his head during down air.
-Fixed grounded side-B's graphic effects. Arm spin graphic appears properly on Virtual Boy ROB, and fixed arm spin graphic not disappearing properly on costumes other than default. Also fixed a broken loop that wasn't ever appearing due to overlapping timers.
-Applied arm trail for Virtual Boy ROB during Ground Side Special.
Roy Changelist
-Down Tilt
--Tip hitbox BKB reduced from 90 to 70.

-Up Smash
--Fixed offset on last hit's body hitbox that warped downwards.

-Down Aerial
--Tip hitbox BKB reduced from 40 to 30.
--Tip hitbox KBG reduced from 70 to 60.

-Up Special (Blazer)
--Altered animation and some physics to be closer to Melee.
--Fixed a physics exploit that allowed for some alteration in vertical mobility during endlag.
--Landing Lag reduced; 35 -> 30, now matches Melee.

-Forward Special (Double-Edge Dance)
--Fixed some physics and timings to be closer to Melee.
--Standardized input and IASA windows. All input windows now begin 1 frame before the next attack can begin, giving them all a 2 frame window to link them as early as possible.
--Innermost hitbox BKB reduced; 40 -> 30
--Hit duration reduced by 1 frame.
--Damage slightly lowered to compensate for lack of immediate move staling on multi-hit attacks.
--IASA window pulled back; 56 -> 47, now matches Melee.
--Damage slightly lowered to compensate for lack of immediate move staling on multi-hit attacks.
--IASA window pushed back; 40 -> 47
--Added a tip hitbox.

-Down Special (Counter)
--Fixed some physics to be closer to Melee.

--Fixed a physics oversight that resulted in Roy warping upwards slightly when letting go of a ledge.
Samus Changelist
-Neutral Special (Charge Shot)
--Fixed reversibility and air-ground transition bugs.

-Up Special (Screw Attack)
--Adjusted physics to be closer to Melee.

-Down Special (Bomb)
--Adjusted physics to be closer to Melee.

-Holding side taunt on entry starts Samus in Ice mode.
Sheik Changelist
-Forward Aerial
--Added a small graphical trail following Sheik's slap.

-Back Throw
--Modified back throw to have Melee's stats.
---Before: DMG: 6+2, Angle: 62, KBG: 55, BKB: 70
---After: DMG: 5+2, Angle: 45, KBG: 140, BKB: 40

-Down Throw
--Hitlag changed from x0 to x1
Snake Changelist
-Forward Smash
--Adjusted hitboxes to match animation more accurately.
--2nd slash's damage increased (6% -> 8%). KB compensated.

-Neutral Aerial
--All hitboxes now last 4 frames each, instead of being 4-4-3.

-Forward Aerial
-Landing lag decreased from 30 frames -> 25.
-Auto cancel increased to 43 frames from 36.

-Back Aerial
--Reversed hitbox priority, making the sweetspot easier to hit.

-Up Aerial
--Reversed hitbox priority, making the sweetspot easier to hit.

-Down Aerial
--All hitboxes now last 4 frames each, instead of being 4-3-4-2.

-Increased size of grabboxes a bit (3.185 -> 3.6), then moved them down/inward by the same radius. Result is that they have the same horizontal and upward range, but slightly more downward range to help grabbing in some odd scenarios, but still prevent grabbing against low-crouching opponents.
-Fixed a bug that caused his grab to interfere with charged specials.

-Side Special (Tranquilizer)
--Bullet is now intangible.
--Fixed bug where the bullet would not function correctly on hit.

-Down Special (C4)
--C4 creates a small flash graphic when it stickies someone.
--Aerial C4 drop has IASA on frame 23 instead of frame 28.
--IASA on sticky moved from frame 20 to 14.

-Aerial mobility stat increased from 0.02 -> 0.045.
-Backwards getup roll while facing up invincibility: 31->25 (matches face down getup back roll).
-Powershield size multiplier increased from 0.73x to 0.75x
Sonic Changelist
Dash Attack
-Opening hitbox significantly increased in size to match sonic's model.
-Lingering hitbox increased to match the size of the old opening hitbox.

-Down Tilt
--Hitbox active one frame earlier (7->6) and terminates one frame earlier (11->10)
--Range increased to cover more of the animation which was also slightly tweaked.

-Down Smash
--Animation has been remade. Timings and hitbox positioning are unchanged.

-Neutral Aerial
--Hitboxes redone and centered within his body instead of spinning around the sides of his model, to function consistently.
--Opening sourspot increased in size.

-Forward Aerial
--Animation has been remade. Timings and hitbox positioning are unchanged.

Neutral Special (Homing Attack)
--Hit animations 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been remade, Timings are unchanged.
--Animation for when the attack succesfully homes and misses to connect, shared with Side Special, has been remade.

Side Special (Spin Maneuvers)
--Somersault Section's animation redone. Timings and hitbox positioning are unchanged.
--Somersault Section's animation for falling from a ledge and the ending of Side Special's Spin Hop Section in the air, shared with Neutral Special, has been remade. The new animation is longer, but the IASA remains unchanged.

--Improved Sonic's animation during crouch, down tilt and a small number of other animations.
--All three of Sonic's taunts can be looped by holding their respective taunt buttons.
Squirtle Changelist
Forward Smash
-Reduced Armor, Medium to Light. Indicator Adjusted to match.
-Armor now terminates earlier frame 35 -> 20
-Hitboxes active frames pushed slightly forward and trimmed. Active 16-20-22 -> 15-18-20. Middle number is when the hitbox degrades.
-Outer disjointed hitbox reduced and is not active during first hit frame.
-Hitbox no longer clanks.
-Outer Hitbox damage reduced by 1.
-Knockback curve adjusted to favor growth and knockback increased.
-Base 50 -> 25, Growth 78 -> 104.

Down Smash
-Reduced Armor, Medium to Light. Indicator Adjusted to match.
-Armor now terminates earlier frame 29 -> 16.
-Final Hit knockback curve adjusted to favor growth and knockback increased.
-Base 65 -> 44, Growth 80 -> 113.

Neutral Aerial
-Reduced Armor, Medium to Light. Indicator Adjusted to match.
-Hitbox size increased.
-Trajectory raised 25 -> 30.

Forward Aerial
-Animation movement slightly reduced
-Removed non-reversible knockback flag

Up Throw
-Redid timing to better match animation
-Assuming a 100 weight victim, Release Frame delayed 9 -> 11. Reduced Cooldown by 3 frames, IASA 38 -> 37.
-Increased Knockback Growth 62 -> 80.

Side Special (Withdraw)
-Fixed bug where point blank, non-Aqua Jet Withdraw would fail to hit opponent.
-Removed Armor Start up
-Added Armor indicator
-Fixed indicator flash for when side B duration is up

Side Special (Aqua Jet)
-Removed Armor

Up Special (Waterfall)
-Moved hitboxes inward, reducing range. Graphics adjusted to match.

-Walljump Horizontal Velocity 1.3 -> 1.1.
Toon Link Changelist
-Forward Smash
--IASA pushed back to frame 54 from 47, to better match the animation.

-Up Smash
--BKB increased from 30 to 40.
--KBG lowered from 100 to 90.
--Sour-spot hitbox removed.

-Down Aerial
--Auto Cancel starts on frame 64 instead of 55.
--Meteor uses Light element instead of Fire and has a magic on-hit sound.

-Z Aerial
--Uses Slash element instead of normal.

-Forward Throw
--BKB decreased to 40 from 72.
--KBG increased to 110 from 75.
--IASA pushed back to frame 37 from 34.
--Angle lowered to 42 from 70.

-Back Throw
--Added a hitlag multiplier of 1x (previously 0x).

-Up Throw
--DMG decreased to 2 from 5.
--BKB increased to 35 from 18.
--KBG increased to 230 from 155.
--IASA removed and endlag increased from 16 to 22.
--Now forces tumble regardless of knockback.

-Down Throw
--BKB decreased to 55 from 72.
--KBG decreased to 45 from 75.
--Start-up reverted to 22 frames (PM 3.02) from 16.
--Angle lowered to 90 from 110.
--Hitbox duration changed from frame 22 to 22-23.
--Endlag increased to 22 frames from 21.

-Side Special (Boomerang)
--Sweet spot DMG decreased to 14 from 19.

-Up Special (Spin Attack Aerial Version)
--BKB reduced to 20 from 45.
--KBG increased to 100 from 85.
--Sour-spot DMG decreased to 4 from 8.
--Sour-spot KBG increased to 100 from 55.
--The three different strength hits are active on frames 8-10, 11-15, and 16-34. Previously they were 8-9, 10-20, and 21-34.
Wario Changelist
-Down Smash
--Damage changed from 16/14/12 (Inner/Mid/Outer) to 14/12/10.

-Back Aerial
--Increased the size of the outer hitbox to better match the animation.

-Up Special (Corkscrew)
--Initial hit's back side WDSK 140/140 -> 100/100.

-Down Special (Waft)
--Fully charged regular hit -1 damage, KBG uncompensated.
--Fully charged Upwards hit -2 damage, KBG uncompensated.

-Waft no longer charges while on the respawn platform.
-Roll duration decreased from 37 to 31 frames
-Roll intangibility has -2 duration (4-21 to 4-19)
-Wario Man reworked for a more enjoyable experience :-)
Wolf Changelist
-Up Smash
--Late hit angle 30 -> 40

-Neutral Aerial
--Landing hitbox hitlag multiplier increased from 0.5x to 1x.
--Landing hitbox damage lowered from 3 to 2.

-Down Aerial
--Cleaned up hitbox to better match the animation.
--IASA 31 -> 37
--Autocancel 36->35
--Animation length 56->39.

-Neutral Special (Blaster)
--Jump cancel on frame 39 removed

-Side Special (Wolf Flash)
--Properly consumes double jump at the beginning

-Dash attack BKB 45 -> 35, IASA 38 -> 40
-Wall Jump height 3.5 -> 3.1
-Fixed a bug which caused his arm to become detached while tumbling
Yoshi Changelist
-Down Aerial:
--Total damage reduced to 38 from 49
--Landing hitbox removed

-Up Aerial
--KBG 106 -> 100 (melee)

-Pivot grab IASA increased to 40 frames from 35.
All grabs cannot grab aerial opponents unless grabbed by the inner mouth grabbox which lasts for the first 2 frames.

-Down Special (Yoshi Bomb)
--Jump reduced from frame 7 to 5
--Launching hit
---Duration changed from 3-7 to 5-6.
---Size changed from 6.64 to 5.
---Hitlag multiplier increased from 0x to 1x (as well as the landing stars), allowing for DI.
---Angle lowered from 80 to 70.

-Side Special (Egg Roll)
--Vertical momentum gain after the first use 0.5 -> 0
--Horizontal momentum: 0.125 -> 0.04 (first use) 0.125 -> 0 (after first use)
--Usage count does not reset on ledge grab
--Properly resets on landing and getting grabbed

-Weight decreased to 108 (NTSC Melee) from 111 (PAL Melee).
-Can no longer be footstooled during his double jump animation.
-Shield start up invincibility changed to head/nose intangability (now grabable)
Zelda Changelist
--Animation changed. Timings and hitbox positioning remains the same.

-Neutral Aerial
--Rotation in animation centered and smoothed out.
--Moved the misplaced front hitbox on last hit.

-Forward/Back Aerial
--Revamped animations to look nicer for their speed. Leg extends faster on startup, and doesn't pull away during late hit frames.

-Up Aerial
--Electric weak hitbox size increased from 2.75 to 3.25, and repositioned to a bone that follows her hand more accurately.

-Down Aerial
--KBG of upper weak hitbox changed from 100 to 85 to cause knockdown later.

-Side Special (Din's Fire)
--Interrupt input during ending changed from any B input to a Side-B input.
--Zelda now has a proper animation for the explosion command. Timings are the same.
--Camera no longer tracks Din's when it is unlinked.
--Timed explosion hitbox size increased from 8 to 9.1 in order to match the explosion graphic more accurately.
--Stationary and return hitbox size decreased from 2.8 to 2.6, to slightly help aiming the manual detonation without catching the on hit cooldown by making contact with the return hitbox.
--Added a slight warm glow to the fire so that its position can be seen while moving inside of the stage.

-Up Special (Farore's Wind)
--Fixed a glitch that caused Zelda's up b to fail if started against a wall.
--Adjusted air cancel momentum a bit to properly match the normal exit momentum.
--Ground to ground teleport cancel lag reduced by 2 frames, from 14 to 12.
--Ground to ground teleport cancel can now be reversed.
--Platform snap window using the cancel adjusted to be more similar regardless of the direction of travel.
--Only grabs ledges while invisible if facing towards the ledge.

-Lined up positioning across the different Fall animations, with Fall and animations in/out of it shifted forward slightly.
-Item Throws: Forward and Up grounded item throw animations corrected to use the ground animations instead of air versions.
Zero Suit Samus Changelist
-Neutral Aerial
--All hitbox sizes increased from 3 to 4

-Standing Grab, Dash Grab, Turnaround Grab
--Animations redone or polished, now easier to see her grabbing arm.
--Dash Grab can now grab opponents with low crouch if well timed.

-Up Throw
--Angle increased from 82 to 85.
--Cooldown -3 (weight dependent)
-Down Throw
--Angle increased from 60 to 65.

-Neutral Special (Paralyzer)
--Charged laser speed decreased from 2.1 to 1.5.
--No longer reverse hits

-Side Special (Plasma Whip)
--Now unclankable
--Removed double hit on shield.

-Down Special (Flip Jump)
--Only able to be used once per air-state. Refreshes on ledge-grab, and tether-reel to the ledge. Does NOT refresh on forced tether-hop due to edgehogging.